Manufacturing can be complicated and with a lot of moving parts which is sometimes a logistical nightmare. However, with experience, the hurdles can be understood and overcome with less cost, wasted time, and trial and error.

We have been involved in countless projects over our 40 year history, both large and small, from Agricultural to Automotive. We can help guide your project through every phase of development. From concept to working prototype you are in good hands with Carpani Machine.

3D Modeling

CAD and CAM software have become invaluable tools in most machine shops. At Carpani Machine Inc,. we utilize the latest Autodesk software. We are able to parametrically model your parts in 3D space. This is a great aid when it comes to more complex assemblies as we are able to see the over all fit, form and function of the part before we spend any shop time machining it.

Digital Capabilities
  • 3D Models
  • Cloud Collaboration
  • Generative Design
  • Simulation
  • Animation
  • Documentation

Let us be part of your success…