Mitsui Seiki VS5A: ATC fully operational!

The Mitsui Seiki VS5A was made in the 80s but it’s still a really stable machine with a large table and 20HP. We have had this machine for about ten years and it has never failed us. The only issue we had was that the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) did not function. We decided to take on the task dismantling the Tool Changer last week and after ordering some new seals and replacing some wiring we are happy to say that our VS5A is functional. 

Here is to the future of machining at Carpani Machine Inc.

  • Growth through innovation/creativity:
    In 1928, Mitsui Seiki co., ltd. was established for the objective of producing domestically the precision measurement devices and precision machine tools for which there was overseas reliance at the time. at present, its business centers on three divisions: machine tools and compressors. by developing high-performance products in each division, Mitsui Seiki has earned an excellent reputation in technical expertise throughout the world.
  • Fanuc Corporation:
    Founded in 1982, has a team of people dedicated to custom services, engineering, IT, logistics and product development.
  • Mitsui Seiki VS5A Vertical Machining Specifications:
  • Z: 24.01″
  • Y: 25.59″
  • X: 42.51″
  • RPM: 4500

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